Shoppers Say This Wrinkle-Smoothing Retinol Moisturizer Is Like ‘Botox In a Bottle’ |

Shoppers Say This Wrinkle-Smoothing Retinol Moisturizer Is Like ‘Botox In a Bottle’

Retinol isn’t just your average skincare ingredient — it offers a variety of skin-renewing benefits that will leave you with a smoother complexion. While it does everything from stimulate collagen to clear blemishes, it’s particularly useful for users with mature skin thanks to its skin-tightening results

If you have yet to find the perfect retinol for your skincare routine, I’d suggest trying Dermelect’s Confidence Crease Concentrate Cream. Shoppers have dubbed the cream “Botox in a bottle,” and it’s a bit more affordable now that it’s 20 percent off during the brand’s Memorial Day sale. Add it to your cart for $63 with the code MDE20 until May 28 — it’s a must-try for anyone who wants to improve their skin’s texture.

Dermelect Confidence Cream Concentrate Cream 

Dermelect CONFIDENCE Crease Concentrate

Buy Now$79$63

The Confidence Crease Concentrate Cream is infused with a stabilized retinol (a more tolerable version for skin) that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for firmer skin. It’s also effective for evening out skin tone and healing rough areas on the face. 

And despite its waterless formula, this facial cream still delivers a boost of hydration thanks to its inclusion of hyaluronic acid that keeps skin moisturized and plump, revealing a softer complexion overtime. Plus, the moisturizer’s velvety texture will make your skin feel instantly soothed. While you’re at it, you can even use this product as a primer for a smooth makeup application, per the brand. 

With near perfect five-star ratings, several reviewers were impressed with this retinol formula’s visible results. “My skin has shown noticeable improvements in elasticity and [there’s a] thinning of fine lines and wrinkles,” said a shopper. A user in their late 50s shared that it’s like a “layer of filler,” while another user with sensitive skin noted that it gently “smooths away lines.” Other customers raved that the formula leaves them with “less deeper lines” on their forehead and it makes them look “years younger.” 

Add Dermelect’s Confidence Crease Concentrate Cream to your cart while it’s on sale for firmer and deeply hydrated skin; just don’t forget to use the code MDE at checkout. Shop more anti-wrinkle treatments from the brand, below. 

Get Lifted Instant Face Lift Cream 

Dermelect GET LIFTED Instant Face Lift

Buy Now$49$39

Lip-Conquer Body Toning Cream 

LIPO-CONQUER Body Toning Cream

Buy Now$45$36

Smooth Upper Lip Professional 


Buy Now$49$39

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