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6,000 People Just Bought This Itchy Scalp Treatment That Offers ‘Instant Relief,’ Per Users

It’s easy to forget that our scalp needs TLC, too. Sometimes, the signs aren’t as apparent as lackluster strands or split ends. But it’s better to take care of your scalp before issues like itchiness, oiliness, or dandruff arise, or get worse. Take it from me — I’m constantly battling flakes from all the oil buildup, so much so that now my hair care routine needs a serious update. 

While looking for scalp care, I came across the Head and Shoulders Royal Oils Scalp Cream that’s a hit amongst Amazon shoppers. More than 6,000 shoppers have bought this now $9 treatment in the last month, per the retailer and Shape editors even ranked it one of the best scalp products — and I totally see why. 

Amazon Head and Shoulders Scalp Cream Treatment

Buy on Amazon$11$9

The Royal Oils Scalp Cream is developed specifically for natural, relaxed, kinky, and coily hair types. This daily treatment tackles scalp dryness with its hero ingredient, coconut oil. It seals in moisture to reduce dandruff and provide long-lasting relief to itchiness — but the benefits don’t stop there. 

Board certified dermatologist Joyce Park, M.D., previously told Shape that coconut oil is made up of a combination of fatty acids, which is what makes it so nourishing. “Palmitic and myristic acids help with moisturizing the skin, and the lauric acid helps with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits,” said Dr. Park. She adds that it can strengthen and minimize breakage as well; however, solutions that contain minoxidil or spironolactone are more effective if you want thicker, fuller hair. Moreover, Dr. Park notes that coconut oil is best suited for those with dry or curly hair. 

The brand recommends massaging this leave-in formula onto the entire scalp (moving from the front to the back) up to four times daily. Use it in-between wash days to make your hair last longer without washing it as often. 

Several reviewers vouch that this lotion has improved their scalp. “From day one I found instant relief,” said a reviewer who dealt with dandruff for 10 years, adding that they’ve “been applying it morning and night and [their] flakes have been reduced to nothing!” A second shopper similarly shared, “I went from daily flakes to none at all,” while another user said they felt immediate relief that lasted two weeks. When it comes to growth, a customer shared that their “hair is growing again where [their] scalp was itching so bad.” 

Don’t fret if your scalp is itchy or flaking — it can happen to anyone.  Luckily, you can easily soothe it with the Head and Shoulders’ Royal Oils Scalp Cream for just $9. Shop other similar hair treatments, below. 

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