Shakira’s Quick 6-Move Core Workout Is Harder Than It Looks |

Shakira’s Quick 6-Move Core Workout Is Harder Than It Looks

Everybody knows Shakira’s hips don’t lie, but how does she stay in dance-ready shape? The “Shakira: BZRP Music Sessions #53” singer works with Anna Kaiser, a NASM-certified personal trainer the CEO of Anna Kaiser Studios.

Kaiser, who has been training the performer for more than a decade, keeps Shakira motivated “by bringing incredibly positive energy,” she tells Shape. She also shares anatomical and physical “tricks” with the singer. “She is such a cute nerd and loves learning about anything science related,” adds the trainer, who also works with Alicia Keys and Kelly Ripa.

While music is often a part of Shakira’s workouts (“I always try to bring fresh beats to keep it fun, interesting, and unexpected,” says Kaiser), every once in a while she switches it up by turning off the music completely. “Sometimes when she is recording she prefers to work out in a quiet room to get a music break.”

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As for her favorite type of workout, not many fans would be surprised to learn Shakira enjoys working on her core muscles above all else. “She loves core work but knows she needs the cardio,” says Kaiser. (Psst: Here’s What a Perfectly Balanced Weekly Workout Schedule Looks Like)

All that abs work has a “funny” effect on the “Waka Waka” singer, according to her longtime trainer. “It makes her hungry!” shares Kaiser. “I don’t know anyone else that gets hungry during [abs exercises].”

If you’re itching to know what a Shakira core workout is really like, keep scrolling for six abs moves straight from her trainer.

Shakira’s Core Workout

How it works: This workout will challenge “every muscle in your core,” according to Kaiser. It utilizes full-body movement, not just isolating the abdominals “because your body works as a unit, not a combination of parts,” she adds. You’ll perform all of the exercises on one side, then repeat the entire sequence on the other side. Do each move slowly and with correct form, exhaling on exertion. Pull your navel to your spine and avoid pushing your core out or arching your lower back throughout. You can do this series three to four times a week.

What you’ll need: a Pilates ball, a mat, a light set of weights (1-5 lbs), and a medium set of weights (8-10 lbs)

Side Cincher

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A. Start standing with feet hip-width apart and a set of medium weights in each hand.

B. Reach left hand down past knee, keeping body square to the front, while lifting the right weight toward right armpit. Keep hips centered.

Do 20 reps slowly.

Standing March with Weighted Crunch

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A. Start standing with feet hip-width apart and a set of light weights in both hands. 

B. Reaching arms overhead and pressing the weights together, pull arms down as you rotate torso toward the left as you raise left knee.  

C. Pull navel toward spine and exhale every time elbows lower down.

D. Place left leg back on the ground and bring both arms back overhead. 

Repeat for one minute.

Lateral Teaser

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A. Start sitting on right side of booty, angling toes and hips to the corner of a mat, propping up on right elbow. 

B. Place a Pilates ball in between thighs, and squeeze inner thighs and legs together. 

C. Raise left arm overhead and then pull left elbow down into left oblique as knees bend in toward chest. 

D. Extend left arm and both legs out. Contract abdominals as elbow pulls in.

Do 15 reps slowly.

Twisted Crunches

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A. Start seated with feet on the floor, and place a Pilates ball behind lower back.  

B. Place hands behind head and lean back at a 45-degree angle. Tuck hips under to maintain a neutral spine.

C. Bring torso up slightly, rotating to the right as left arm extends across body

D. Place left hand back behind head and return to starting position. Contract your abdominals as you rotate sides. Do 4 reps.

E. Bring torso up slightly. Extend right arm out to side, touching fingertips down onto the mat.

F. Place right hand back behind head and return to starting position. Do 4 reps.

Repeat for one minute.

Seated C-Curve with Overhead Towel Extension

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A. Start seated on a mat, bending knees with heels driving into the floor.  

B. Glue inner thighs together and hold a towel in between both hands, pulling out to activate every muscle in arms. 

C. Lean torso back as far as possible while maintaining a neutral spine position.  

D. Keeping torso in that position, bring arms by ears, raising the towel over head. Then lower it back down in line with shoulders.  

Do 15 reps slowly.

3-Count Crunch with Pilates Ball

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A. Start lying on a mat and place a Pilates ball just under shoulder blades (near bra line). Place hands behind head and extend legs out in a V-shape with a slight external rotation (pointing toes outward).  

B. Exhale 3 times as chin rises to chest in 3 separate movements, getting higher with each rep and progressively lifting shoulder blades off the mat. 

C. Keep elbows wide and focus on pulling abdominals into the mat every time chin lifts. 

D. Lower head back toward the mat, and open ribs to start again.  

Do 15 reps.

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