The Biggest Wellness Trends for 2024, As Predicted By Experts |

The Biggest Wellness Trends for 2024, As Predicted By Experts

As 2023 turns to 2024, you don’t necessarily have to go all in on the “new year, new you” concept (after all, are we really all that different just because the clock strikes midnight?). But the start of a new year can be a fun opportunity to try some fresh wellness trends. Whether you’re tired of the same old workouts, want closer relationships, or are ready to leave booze behind, experts are predicting 2024 has something for you. Here’s a sneak peek at what the new year may hold for wellness.

1. Bodycare

Bodycare is in its Renaissance period. Facial skincare has gotten most of the love for decades, but now, at-home aesthetics treatments and multi-step self-care routines are coming for the skin below your neck. According to the 2024 Pinterest Predicts report, searches for “body skincare routine” on the site are up a whopping 1,025%.

“As someone with a never-to-be-missed skincare routine for my face, I admit to being remiss when it comes to my body. But I’m excited about the incoming bodycare innovations,” says Shape‘s senior commerce and beauty editor Shannon Bauer. “My favorite ingredient, retinol, has recently arrived in an array of anti-aging formulas that can be applied from neck to toes. Even basic body lotion is going from utilitarian to engaging and sensory with new formulations, and I anticipate similar products will continue to hit shelves in 2024.”

One of Bauer’s favorite new lotions is The Glow Getter body butter from Naturium, which she describes as a “dreamy whipped oil.” Grab a bottle to ring in the new year with smooth, silky-feeling skin.

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2. Badminton

You can think of badminton as tennis’s cuter, more accessible cousin — and the sport is coming in hot as a 2024 trend. With a lighter racquet and a buoyant birdie instead of a ball, badminton is a win for folks who may not enjoy the grunting, smacking effort of tennis or pickleball — or who don’t have a court nearby. “With badminton, we’re seeing a continuation of the trend pickleball brought us in 2023 — an accessible, low-impact, highly social game,” says personal trainer and Shape senior editor Kristen Geil.

“Like pickleball, badminton feels like a fun-first activity that’s not a traditional workout, but your heart rate during an intense rally may beg to differ,” Geil says. In fact, a 2022 study found that playing badminton led to improvements in numerous areas of health, including cardiovascular and pulmonary function. Plus, its high speed and fancy footwork can boost balance and agility.

Prepare to perfect your backyard backhand by picking up a full badminton set. Then finish off your badminton aesthetic with some of these skirts, jackets, and tanks that double as options for other racquet sports.

3. Slow Travel

Between a global pandemic, political conflicts, climate woes, and other stressors, we’ve all been through a lot in the last few years. So it’s no wonder that experts predict many of us will soon want to take time off with seriously low-key vacations. “Rather than rushing to take selfies at monuments and sticking to a strict agenda, travelers who are trying to combat burnout seem to be seeking calmer and often more wellness-focused escapes,” notes Shape contributor and travel writer Karla Walsh.

In 2024, Walsh predicts that more and more folks will opt for laid-back experiences like staycations, meditation retreats, and fluid travel itineraries, noting that an increasing number of properties, packages, and travel advisor agendas feature elements of so-called “slow travel.” “Throughout my research, I’ve seen hotels with sleep-supporting amenities, staycation packages, laid-back activities like wine tastings and nature walks, and lodge-like layouts that allow solace-seeking travelers to avoid seeing other patrons.”

Walsh notes that, to her, this indicates that many view vacation as a way to recharge rather than run themselves ragged, checking off bucket list items — and data supports her hunch. The Pinterest Predicts report noted a big uptick in users searching for terms like “staycation hotel” and “slow life” on the platform.

4. Digital Detox

Let’s face it: most of us spend a major portion of the day on our devices. As of 2018, the average person in the U.S. spent 10 hours and 39 minutes on a screen each day. (If you’re reading this, you’re on a device right now.) Maybe 2024 is the year for a digital detox — another one of Pinterest’s most-predicted trends for next year.

Your version of detoxing from devices can look however you want it to. Maybe you start small by giving up social media on the weekends or setting modest usage limits on your phone — or perhaps you’d like to go all in on a total digital fast for days at a time. You might be amazed at the results. Research from 2022 found that cell phone usage was associated with negative effects on both physical and mental health, particularly in young people. Dialing back your screen time could leave you feeling better in body and mind.

5. Knockout Workouts

Get a great workout and take stress down a peg? We’ll take that combo any day! According to Pinterest data, so-called “knockout workouts” are projected to go more mainstream in 2024. These exercise routines include combat sports like karate, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu, which not only provide an excellent cardio challenge but could also help clear your head. One study from 2020 even concluded that martial arts training could help reduce adverse mental health symptoms.

“There’s something so empowering about knockout workouts — it’s a great way to feel in control and confident,” Geil says. “You might feel intimidated by walking into a boxing gym, but don’t let that stop you. Everyone was a beginner once, and with the right trainer, these workouts are scalable for all levels.”

If your local gym doesn’t offer kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, or other martial arts (yet), check your area for studios. A quick YouTube search will also bring up tons of knockout workouts to tackle stress and get you in fighting form.

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6. Big Talk

“Big talk” might sound like another version of blowing hot air — but in fact, it refers to deepening connections through meaningful conversation. As a new year rolls around, Gen Z and Millennials are seeking to forge more emotional intimacy through discussion, per the Pinterest report. Since Gen Z reports more loneliness than other generations, it’s probably a step in a good direction.

It can sometimes be hard to get a deep convo off the ground, so 2024 may see the rise of products like conversation starter games or apps. The Get Closer game for couples, for example, includes cards with three levels of questions: close, closer, and closest. Questions are designed to help you and your partner share more meaningfully about your loves, dreams, and values.

7. Even More Mocktails

The sober-curious movement isn’t new to 2024 but continues gaining momentum. According to WHOOP’s annual Year in Review report, users drank less frequently in 2023, and Google searches for mocktails have been steadily rising over the last five years. It’s a positive trend, for sure. Ditching alcohol can have benefits like weight loss, better liver function, and reduced risk of heart disease.

With more and more people ditching alcohol, fun and fancy mocktails are taking up an increasing percentage of the beverage market share. “I’ve noticed an increasing number of restaurants with mocktail and low alcohol by volume (ABV) drink menus in larger cities,” says Dana Leigh Smith, Shape‘s interim associate editorial director. “The drinks are often creatively named, like the boozy beverages on the menu, so those who choose to abstain don’t wind up in the limelight. I see this as a great step toward normalizing being sober.”

In the new year, the Pinterest report says we should expect to see more tropical-inspired mocktail options with pineapple, coconut, and other island-themed fruits. Start your very own sober luau with canned tropical mocktails like Wildwonder’s Pineapple Paradise or Olipop’s Tropical Punch, which boasts 9 grams of fiber and just 3 grams of added sugar. (Don’t forget the tiny umbrella!) With drinks like these in hand, you can say “cheers” to a healthy new year.

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