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Kate Hudson Used the Workout Equipment Celebs Can’t Get Enough Of

Kate Hudson understands that a key element of happiness is movement. Case in point, the 43-year-old actress recently took to Instagram to share a look at one of her workouts and express how good moving makes her feel.

Hudson posted a series of photos of herself working out with Tracy Anderson’s MyMode apparatus. She’s wearing a light green sports bra and matching joggers with her blonde hair up in a ponytail.

“Movement bubbles up some happy vibes 🫧,” she writes in the caption of her post. “Try it 😉 And don’t forget the happy vibe smoothie to support this whole bubbly situation!” 

In case you were wondering, Hudson revealed the inside scoop on her “happy vibe smoothie” in the post as well. It includes nut butter, wild blueberries, goji berries, homemade oat milk, and green protein powder from her supplement brand INBLOOM, according to the caption and a photo in the second to last slide of the carousel.

If you’re curious about the wooden box and staff Hudson is using in her recent photos, those are part of Tracy Anderson’s latest innovation: the MyMyode workout apparatus. It includes props made mostly of eco-conscious wood, such as a step platform, weights, a staff, and resistance brands.

The box stores all of the accessories and functions as a balancing tool. It has a multidirectional socket for the staff to attach to, allowing users to practice dynamic moves and test their flexibility with a solid base. Hudson demonstrates this in slide six of her Instagram post.

What’s More Important: Flexibility or Mobility?

She’s not the only celebrity getting in on the benefits of the new workout tool. In October 2022, Tracee Ellis Ross shared a clip on Instagram featuring the MyMode apparatus. ICYDK, she’s long been a follower of the Tracy Anderson Method, as are fellow celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Tia Mowry.

In addition to this device, Hudson is a fan of many other workouts. She has displayed her Pilates skills and showed off her strength training exercises on social media. Plus, the actress enjoys using her using her Tonal machine for at-home workouts, going to SLT classes (a Pilates-inspired workout studio that uses the Megaformer), and hitting up Barry’sshe told Shape in November 2022.

Kate Hudson’s Lower-Body Workout Straight from Her Trainer

As for whether movement can really make you happier, Hudson is definitely onto something there. Exercise stimulates the production of endorphins (aka feel-good hormones), which can help you de-stress and stave off anxiety and depression.

“While it might seem counterintuitive, raising your heart rate can reverse stress-induced brain functions,” Joanne Frederick, L.P.C., a licensed mental health counselor based in Washington, D.C., previously told Shape. “Exercise is a mood booster and has been scientifically proven to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression,” she added.

So, no matter how you like to move, take a page from Hudson’s book and enjoy the feel-good benefits of a little exercise.

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