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A Nurse with Chronically ‘Burning’ Muscles Says This $12 Cream ‘Completely’ Eliminates Pain

I’m no stranger to muscle discomfort — admittedly, by my own doing…or, rather, not doing: I’m among the most sedentary, posture-poor people I know. I’d imagine I’d feel miles better if I reactivated my lapsed yoga class subscription or prioritized walking over Ubering once in a while. My tension-relieving lifestyle changes are relatively easy to enact; for nurses, however — whose jobs require heavy lifting, constant standing, and other ache-inducing activities — preventing pain in the first place is much less straightforward. So, I’m looking to nurses for an ache-relieving solution: According to healthcare workers, Magnilife’s Relief Cream drastically improves muscle and joint pain in minutes.

MagniLife Leg and Back Pain Relief Cream

MagniLife Leg & Back Pain Relief Cream Relieves Burning, Tingling, Shooting, Stabbing Pains & Sciatica Symptoms - Fast-Acting & Deep Penetrating Non-Greasy Topical with Aloe & Calendula - 4oz

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The Magnilife Relief Cream is a topical pain-relief ointment that soothes shooting, stabbing, burning, and tingling discomfort stemming from muscle- and nerve-related issues.. The cream, which has the consistency of a thick lotion, is designed for targeted topical application. For instance, if you’re plagued by lower back discomfort, a small dollop of product applied directly to the area reduces pain in that region. The non-greasy formula absorbs into skin within minutes and gets to work almost as rapidly. 

The formula is drug- and artificial fragrance-free, and made from plant-based ingredients. As its title suggests, the Magnilife Relief Cream contains magnesium, which studies have shown works as an effective, natural pain relief agent for neuropathic issues, migraines, muscle cramps, and more.

In addition to magnesium, the formula contains capsicum annum (aka chili peppers), which can reduce pain thanks in part to its inflammation-fighting properties. Calendula, a type of daisy plant, is also at work in the formula; similar to capsicum, calendula offers anti-inflammatory benefits, and, consequently, soothes muscle soreness. Finally, the formula features colocynth, a fruit extract that eases pain associated with the likes of diabetic neuropathy, studies have shown.

Scientific evidence aside, anecdotal evidence from shoppers, including nurses, proves that the Magnilife Relief Cream is certainly worth its $12 price tag. One reviewer says they’ve had no sciatic pain “for several months” since incorporating the formula into their routine. Another reviewer, a nurse who had been “crying in pain” due to muscle aches, says the cream completely relieved their discomfort within 10 minutes of application. Yet another nurse, whose “burning” lower back soreness failed to respond to other solutions, says the cream “completely” quelled searing pain in their muscles and ligaments. “I can finally sleep normally at night,” they share.

For natural relief from shooting, stabbing, or aching pains, try the Magnilife Leg and Back Pain Relief Cream for $12 at Amazon. Shop more soothing topical formulas, below:

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