Shoppers with Dry and Bumpy Skin Say This Body Exfoliator Left Them Feeling Smooth |

Shoppers with Dry and Bumpy Skin Say This Body Exfoliator Left Them Feeling Smooth

I’m known among my friends for having baby-soft skin—so much, it’s barely noticeable that my skin is actually extremely dry. I’ve been moisturizing my entire body every day for years, but what really gives my skin that luminous appearance is a good exfoliator. In fact, I make sure to use one constantly once warm weather hits so I can show off my smoothest skin yet. Recently, I came across a unique body exfoliator I’m trying next: Soft Services’ Green Banana Buffing Bar

Soft Services Green Banana Buffing Bar 

Soft Services Green Banana Buffing Bar

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This newly released body scrub is a blend of fine sanding crystals and a moisturizing formula that features shea butteraloe, and glycerin. Altogether, these ingredients buff away and soothe dry skin. More specifically, these gentle exfoliating bars can tackle skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin) that causes a bumpy texture and strawberry skin that causes hyperpigmentation. Along with this, it can heal rough spots and prevent ingrown hairs, making this product the perfect way to transform your skin’s texture, as it leaves a smooth, soft, and clear appearance. 

For best results, rub it across wet skin two to three times a week to achieve a silky and glowing complexion. Keep in mind, though, it’s not intended for use as a cleanser or on sensitive, sunburned, or breakout-prone skin.

And it’s not just for polishing your skin — the Green Banana Buffing Bar offers a fragrant shower experience thanks to this new scented version that pairs the fresh and sweet aroma of an unripe banana with earthy base notes. There’s also an unscented bar if you prefer a natural scent.

This body exfoliant is a hit among shoppers who say that “a gentle once-over with this bar has stopped rough white patches from appearing on the tops of my feet and smoothed me everywhere,” said a reviewer. A second shopper shared that their body felt “perfectly slick and smooth” all over after use, while another added that the formula is “life-changing,” having seen “massive improvements” in their keratosis pilaris and strawberry skin. A final user called it the “best physical exfoliator out there” that’s “not too rough,” adding that the “new scent is a dream.” 

Add Soft Services’ Green Banana Buffing Bar to your shower routine to improve your dry, rough skin. It comes in a set of two for $33. Shop more top-rated body exfoliators, below. 

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