Shoppers Eliminate Boob Sweat and ‘Unpleasant Dampness’ with This ‘Magic’ $16 Hack |

Shoppers Eliminate Boob Sweat and ‘Unpleasant Dampness’ with This ‘Magic’ $16 Hack

Boob sweat can be incredibly distracting and frustrating to deal with, especially on a daily basis. After all, the excessive moisture that soaks through your bra or shirt can really dampen your mood. Now that summer is around the corner, get ahead of sweaty season with preventative solutions, like Megababe’s Sweat-Absorbing Bust Dust

Megababe Sweat-Absorbing Bust Dust

Amazon Megababe Sweat Absorbing Body Powder

Buy on Amazon$16

Made with an ultra-fine powder, this aluminum-free formula keeps you dry and fresh. It contains corn starch that absorbs moisture, chamomile that shields against rashes and irritation, and aloe that further soothes skin. Its other key ingredient, lavender, blocks bacteria growth, which in turn keeps odor at bay. What’s more, lavender and chamomile also deliver a light scent. And Megababe’s Sweat Absorbing Bust Dust isn’t just for your chest area: It can offer relief to sweaty armpits, backs, feet, and private parts — just be sure to apply it before getting dressed to stay cool all day and avoid a messy application. 

More than 2,000 shoppers have bought this antiperspirant in the last month, and many swear by it for warm weather. “This product keeps me dry all day,” said a shopper who called it light and gentle and said they “haven’t had any issues with irritation or itching.” A second reviewer said this “magic” treatment “drastically reduces any unpleasant dampness” for “busty ladies.” Other users rave that it keeps “boob sweat to a minimum” and provides “comfort in miserable heat.” 

Avoid sweaty situations with this powder formula that’s a game-changer for boob sweat season—I can guarantee it’s better than just stuffing your bra with tissues. Shop Megababe’s Sweat-Absorbing Bust Dust for $16 at Amazon, as well as these similar products, below. 

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Amazon Carpe Sweat Absorbing Breast

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