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Pressure Washer:Cleaning a Concrete Driveway and Decks

by Charles

Over time, dirt builds up on the driveway creating a nasty layer that hardly responds to routine cleaning. Decks collect debris, and as time ambles by, it becomes unsightly. The Garden hose can’t restore the luster on its own. You will need a robust packaging of effective tools to give your surfaces a facelift. A pressure washer is a must-have machine.

Aside from giving you a quick clean, it combines the power of detergents and pressure to shake off the grime. Never allow the sight of a failing sparkle to drive you into a miscellaneous make-over. You can address the problem by investing in a pressure washer or hiring one from the nearest dealer.

You can argue that overhauling is the greatest bet, but it comes at a cost. On the contrary, it is economical to thoroughly clean your driveways based on how quickly it collects debris. You can tie your cleaning needs to several factors, but the frequency of use and the behavior of trees around the deck count the most.

Mildew, grease, and oil top the list of stubborn grime. Fortunately, even the smallest pressure washer unit tackles these kinds of dirt. So, when ready to install a pressure unit in your home, be keen to incorporate essential elements to help boost your cleaning, such as:

The right detergents for your pressure washer

Blasting out a tough layer of debris using plain water can be a real struggle. But when you add detergents to your cleaning regime, it becomes a lot easier to lift dirt because detergents help loosen grime. And you’ll want to adopt cleaners compatible with numerous materials.

Versatile detergents that come in the right concentration not only save you time but money as well. While household detergents come as a solid choice, you can still try using professional ones. The top-rated category packs superior cleaning power and leaves surfaces spotless after rinsing.

However, household detergents are safer when used correctly. Right proportions of

  • Vinegar
  • Washing soda
  • Bleach

Deliver amazing results and safe on many surfaces. On the other hand, pressure washing detergents can be harsh with some materials. You should exercise caution when using them—running through the composition before a purchase can make a huge difference. You can sample effective and friendly ones by checking the number of toxic chemicals in them.

Great ones should scream zero abrasion, high bio-degradability, and safety.

The type of pressure washer counts

Installing a quality pressure washer is critical when you want the job done perfectly. A pressure washer that comes with multiple nozzles is ideal because you can switch them to suit your cleaning needs. Of course, surfaces respond differently to pressure. Old concrete wears off under high pressure, and greased surfaces require super-high pressure to regain luster.

When choosing a pressure washing unit, you should factor in the intensity of washing you require. Small to medium machines can handle light duties perfectly well. When you own a detailing garage, commercial-grade washers are your go-to machines. You may also want to install accessories that enhance the tidiness of your workspace.

An excellent point to start is to check if the unit allows you to attach a hose reel or even mount it to a wall. But more importantly, check to see that your machine comes with the right pressure rating. Effective cleaning requires a psi rating ranging from 2200 and above.

Chose between a power washer and pressure washer

Power washers and pressure washers often seem to carry similar meanings for many people. There is a big difference between the two. While a power washer comes with a heating unit, the pressure washer relies on the strength of the motor and water volume to maximize cleaning power.

Power washers are costly and bulky because they carry the heating system. On the flip side, they provide excellent cleaning thanks to the power of hot water. They are handy when cleaning oily surfaces. And you own a commercial detailing garage; they are ideal because you can rely on them to execute quick and top-notch cleaning.

Pressure washers are slim and portable. But don’t let the size deceive you. The little gadgets are a dap hand when blasting grime from decks, sidewalks, and driveways.

The Key takeaway

Effective cleaning requires you to pair the right chemicals with a high-quality machine to achieve your cleaning goals. Because surfaces react differently to cleaning, some people may blame the machine when the real deal lies elsewhere. Detergents help loosen the dirt rendering your machine practical and efficient.

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