Natalie Portman Uses the Volumizing Conditioner Shoppers Credit for ‘Full and Fluffy’ Hair |

Natalie Portman Uses the Volumizing Conditioner Shoppers Credit for ‘Full and Fluffy’ Hair

Natalie Portman likes to keep her beauty routine simple. In fact, she only swears by two products when it comes to hair care. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, the actress shared that she’s “very into scent” in her hair care routine. That’s why one of her favorite products is Christophe Robin’s Volumising Conditioner, which contains a rose fragrance along with hair-boosting and nourishing benefits. 

Christophe Robin Volumising Conditioner 

Christophe Robin Delicate Volumizing Conditioner with Rose Extracts

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It’s specifically formulated for those with fine, flat, or thin hair that want to add body to their locks. According to the brand, it creates the appearance of fuller hair, thanks to the rose extract in the formula. This ingredient can also reduce inflammation and oil buildup to promote a healthy scalp environment that prevents hair loss. In addition to this, the volumizing conditioner promises to soften and detangle hair with every wash. There are also shampoomask, and mist versions if you want to give your hair an extra boost. 

Shoppers also love this strand-softening pick. “My hair has more life to it while still maintaining nearly all of its softness,” said one customer, adding “I can grow it longer without it getting heavy and stringy.”  A second user similarly shared that their mane “looks thicker and smells great,” adding that it also makes it “shiny, smooth, and silky, while giving it a lot of body.” An Amazon shopper shared that it makes their thinning hair look “full and fluffy” and says it stays that way until their next wash. Keep in mind, though, this may not be suitable for those who prefer fragrance-free solutions. A few reviewers noted that the rose scent is very strong.

If you want volume that lasts, try this daily conditioner backed by Natalie Portman. Shop Christophe Robin’s Volumising Conditioner for $39 as well as more of the actress’ beauty must-haves. 

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