My Mom, Sister, and I All Use This Hydrating Shower Oil for Velvety-Soft Skin |

My Mom, Sister, and I All Use This Hydrating Shower Oil for Velvety-Soft Skin

I never skip a day without moisturizing my body. Because if I don’t, I’m left with scaly, dry skin. The same can be said of my family members, who all have super parched skin, too. That’s why we take body care seriously. So much so, in fact, that we grew up with a moisturizer in every room. And it’s not just lotions that we swear by in our skincare routine. My mom, sister, and I are obsessed with L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil that leaves our skin as soft as a baby’s (or even my one-year-old niece’s). 

This hydrating body wash has existed for 20 years, and it is still one of the brand’s best-sellers. In fact, the brand claims that a bottle is bought every 10 seconds, and I totally get why. The oil formula transforms into a soothing lather once it’s touched by water to deeply cleanse and nourish the body without any oily or sticky residue. It’s infused with sweet almond oil that’s rich in antioxidants that softens and comforts skin. More specifically, this hydrating ingredient can soothe skin irritation, calms inflammation, and possibly even reduce stretch marks

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

L'Occitane Cleansing & Softening Almond Shower Oil

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Its other key ingredient, grapeseed oil, is just as beneficial for dry skin, too. “Its high content of linoleic acid helps it to support the skin barrier, increasing skin’s moisture and increasing elasticity and softness,” said Hadley King, M.D., a New York-based dermatologist, in a previous Shape interview. Moreover, this powerhouse ingredient is helpful for fading dark spots, treating acne, and fighting inflammation.  

It’s no surprise that the Almond Shower Oil reveals incredibly supple skin with each wash. At the same time, it’s my secret to a lovely, sweet aroma thanks to its almond scent that smells heavenly. Even better, this versatile formula can also be used as a base for body shave. 

Reviewers can’t stop using cleansing treatment either. “My skin has been so much softer and not so dry since I started using it about a year ago,” said a shopper. A second user shared that it turns an everyday shower into a “pampering ritual” as it leaves skin “soft, supple, and thoroughly moisturized.” Others rave that it feels like “taking a bath of hydration” and a “luxury every day.” 

This skin-softening body wash is an absolute treat for dry skin. That’s why my mom, sister, and I can all agree that it’s worth the splurge every time we run out of it. Shop the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil starting at $29 as well as the brand’s other fan-favorite formulas. 

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