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Incredible Features of Honor Watch ES

by Charles

With Smartwatches gaining popularity day in and day out, it is natural to feel like you should get one, too. The fear of missing out is real! Most smartwatches with premium features are quite costly, and most of the affordable ones don’t come with many features. But, there is Honor Watch ES, which is affordable as well as sophisticated! If you’re looking for a smartwatch that falls into this category (who wouldn’t?), nothing can get any better than that. Its affordability stands it out from other smartwatches with similar features; Honor Watch ES is the perfect smart watch for android phones.

Incredible Features of Honor Watch ES


It weighs 21 grams without the strap. The strap approximately weighs 34 grams itself. Thus, the Honor watch ES is quite light and easy on your wrist compared to many other watches.


The thinnest part of this watch is measured to be 10.7mm. It is 30mm wide, and its height is 46mm.


Honor Watch ES has a 1.64” AMOLED display. The screen is made up of 2.5D glass. It has a remarkable 70% screen-to-body ratio, which adds to its elegant design and makes it more user-friendly. It has a smooth and sensitive touch screen. The display resolution is 456 × 280 with 326 PPI (pixels per inch). Also, the display brightness is automatically adjusted according to the lighting, so it works inside the room and in the sunlight. All of this delivers a realistic and enthralling experience that everyone can fall in love with.


How can one overlook the battery lifespan and duration of a smartwatch? A durable battery is one of the distinctive qualities of Honor Watch ES. It can stay awake for 10 days! Not only that, its fast charging support is a savior in itself. You can get your smartwatch charged up to 70% in only half an hour and fully charge it in 100 minutes. That sounds somewhat incredible, right?

Removable straps

Do you want to change the straps according to your dress? It comes in handy with Honor Watch ES to change the straps whenever you wish and with a variety of styles and colors

5ATM Water Resistance

Honor Watch ES is water-proof. They are resistant to the water of up to 50 meters depth for 10 minutes. You can dive into a pool while wearing it with maximum ease.

Watch Faces

The availability of numerous watch faces is a user-friendly experience that isn’t commonplace. It is easy to customize the watch face by choosing the data you want to see on your always-on display.

Different workout modes

Honor Watch ES has 95 different workout modes, including 10 professional workout modes like for running, walking, swimming, etc. And 85 other customized workout modes. It offers high-end fitness monitoring and acts as a personalized guide.

Animated Fitness courses

Honor Watch ES is definitely much more than a smartwatch! If you’re too lazy to hit the gym or you’re somewhat an introvert, this smartwatch can pretty much compensate you with its 12 animated workout courses.

Heart-Rate monitoring

Equipped with the state-of-the-art Truseen 4.0, the heart rate monitor keeps track of your cardiac health 24/7. It uses an optimized monitoring algorithm to deliver highly accurate readings and show if there is any abnormality.

SpO2 Monitoring

You don’t need an oximeter if you have your Honor Watch ES, as it also tracks the oxygen saturation levels in your bloodstream. It keeps track of your respiratory health during and without exercise.

Stress and Sleep tracking:

Owing to its TrueRelax technology, it helps you manage everyday stress by its breathing exercises. Similarly, its TrueSleep technology specializing in scientific sleep stages & breathing analysis, helps in high-quality sleep tracking.


Honor watch ES is a perfect combination of a graceful style, convenience, affordability, health management, workout guide, and much more. If you intend to buy a smartwatch with all these features, there is probably no better option!

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