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A Shopper Said Their Hair Is Growing ‘Like Weeds’ Thanks to This Thickening Scalp Serum

I take my hair care seriously—so much that my bathroom almost has as many hair products as skincare products. Thanks to the handful of formulas I’ve tried, my damaged strands are starting to look alive again. Because of that, I’m not stopping any time soon. After all, it’s all about consistency. The next product that I’m eager to try is Divi’s Scalp Serum. And I’m not the only one—this hair growth treatment has been purchased by 5,000 Amazon shoppers this last month, and after reading more about the serum, I totally get why. 

Divi Scalp Serum

divi Hair Scalp Serum

Buy Now$48

Made to improve thinning hair, this serum creates a thicker and healthier appearance for weakened strands. It reduces product and oil buildup on the scalp and in hair follicles, thanks to a soothing tea tree oil. The Divi Scalp Serum is also made with amino acids to strengthen strands to prevent breakage, while caffeine and peppermint oil stimulate a denser-looking mane. On top of that, this growth formula contains hyaluronic acid which adds moisture to the scalp to keep hair looking smooth and shiny. 

Several reviewers swear by the Divi Scalp Serum for their thinning hair. “My hair is getting fuller and growing back everyday,” they said, adding that “less hair clumps coming out of my hair brush,” said a shopper. A  second shopper shared that it made their hair “grow like weed,” while another noted that it’s “thicker and stronger.” Other users also loved how it relieved their scalp. “It calms my scalp and the terrible itchiness,” said a shopper, “plus is that it adds volume to my hair without the residual oiliness.”

Treat yourself to this revitalizing serum that relieves dry scalp while tackling thinning hair. Shop the Divi Scalp Serum for $48 as well as these other growth treatments, below. 

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum

GRO Hair Serum

Buy Now$64

Inkey List Caffeine Stimulating Scalp Treatment

Caffeine stimulating scalp treatment

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